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He was free married but looking for an affair and before my mind came into focus, i thought i knew him somehow- he was strangely familiar to me. but then i realized my hands were tied behind my back. my bikini top was off. i shifted, and He looked down at me with a somewhat serious look on His face. i realized it must have been He who had tied me up when he calmly watched my futile struggling. i could see my top crumpled up in His fist as his wrists rested on his bent knees as he leaned back. i was not exactly scared, because He had such a kind, calm face- but angry. i sat up. "Did you do this?" i asked, indignantly. He looked back in the direction of the ocean. "Yes, Danielle." '"Untie me," i could only see his profile. "Untie me, or I will scream." my voice like a calm but angry mother, giving ultimatum. He tossed my top to the side, and tuned to look at me. smiling, His voice became an almost whisper. "Who would hear you scream?" still smiling, looking into my eyes. i looked around and could see there was still no one, as far as the eye could see. His smiles were not sadistic or creepy, so a little contagious. "I have a house, would you like to come and have some lunch?" he was smiling at me. this seemed crazy now. maybe he was nuts? so i started playing along, plotting to get him to untie me so i could make a run for it. I knew there must be people back in the direction i came from. "Ok, I'll come to your house. That sounds very nice. But I can only eat my food and enjoy our time together if you untie me, right? And I'd also like my top back. Then, maybe we could have lunch at your house." Silence. He could see i was trying to out smart him and he thought it was amusing. "Well..?" more smiles, back in the direction of the ocean. "You're not going to be untied for quite a while, Danielle... so please stop asking, or I might become annoyed..." at that he picked me up in his arms. i thought about struggling, and did a little, but there was something about Him that made me feel so tranquil... He was strong, handsome, and obviously quite caring under the stoic and capable strength.i figured i'd get out of this somehow. "What about my top?" "You can come back for it later." my heart was beating, hard. He was aware of this, and would glance at my face once in a while as he carried me through the jungle. "How far is your house?" "Right up here." i couldn't believe this was happening, or even really understand what was happening. i could see what looked like a tree house in the distance. as we got closer, i could see how big it is. vast. right then He stopped, His breathing was a little heavy from carrying me all that way, and he had sweat on his brow. "Look!" he was pointing up into the trees: a macaw. and another, and then 20 or so more... so beautiful! then He pointed to a bright yellow snake. "Those are very poisonous... If he bites you, you could die." i was definitely in foreign territory. he placed me down, standing, my hands still tied in front. there was more tenderness between us now, the feeling was playful and affectionate, from the walk through the jungle and him carrying me. i looked Him in the eyes and smiled, offering my hands to untie. He just smiled and walked me inside. when we got into the house, His demeanor changed. He became less playful, more stern. "Ok Danielle, I want you to walk up the stairs and wait for me in the room at the top of the stairs." "Untie me. Please." "Not now. We have some work to do. Upstairs. Go." i sat there still, in defiance. our eyes locked and burned into each other. "Right, I see what must happen now." He took out a long scarf froma drawer, and began to bind my ankles. this time, i struggled. "Gina! Come, now." dark complexioned woman appeared, shoulder length hair, strong, curvy, and pretty. She wore a cream colored fitted dress that went just below her knee. no shoes. "Hold her while I tie her up." this was becoming stranger, and i stopped struggling and was led, by Gina, upstairs to a room. i was tied, so i had to take tiny steps. He disappeared nto another room on the first level as we ascended. There were candles everywhere- maybe 50, and the linens on the bed were the same color as Gina's dress. The furniture was dark wood, and there was small oil lamp on the stand next to the bed. i could smell and hear the rain forest everywhere around us. moist, tropical air that was alive with a kind of wild fertility. "Who are you? His wife?" "I am His slave" she had a calm smile. oh, my mind started reeling. slave. he was going to try to "capture" me into something very underground and sordid. i had to get out of this place. i walked over to the bed, sat down. "Untie me!" i pleaded "We can escape together. I will help you start another life!" Gina laughed and shuck her head. "You dont understand, but soon you will... I like my life here very much. You will see, very very soon." i starred, perplexed at her response suddenly it hit me in a flash. i was infuriated, and somehow i was going to leave... i grabbed the oil lamp and threw it to the ground, and as a small fire burned on the wood floor, i lunged at gina, who was now yelling to Him in spanish. "!Venga! hay fuego!!" It wasn't hard for Gina to overpower me, since I was tied up. She turned me onto my belly bent over the bed, my hands digging into my gut, holding me down with her hand on my back. i could hear Him enter. The sounds of fire being snuffed out, "Una nina stupida" gina kept saying. He said nothing. Finally, He calmly sat next to me. "You like fire? hmm? I am assuming you do?" I turned my head so I could see Him. He was totally focused, and our eyes locked. gina restrained herself from hitting me, and made a sound of exasperation. "La ensena, Amo... Se necissita." "SI..Claro. Es por que esta aqui." and left she the room. i felt sorry. the house was beautiful, and i probably ruined the floor in that room. He began taking off my bikini bottom as i lie there, bent over on the bed. "No." He chuckled. i was embarrassed and ashamed of my bad behaviour, and of my position bent over and tied. i thought about what i should do next, and suddenly a loud sound, whipsharp through the air, followed by immediate sting on my ass cheeks. i gasped. "Normally an act like that would earn you 200 lashes, but I will be kind since you are new to this and only give you 20... but you must say GO." "What?" "You must say GO before I give you a lash... The sooner you say, the sooner it will be over." i was breathing heavily. i wanted it over, but also a strange thing was beginning to occur. my pussy was not only starting to throb, but i wanted the lashes. i knew i deserved them. there was Silence. i debated with myself as i felt His strong, patient presence behind me. the sound flew out of my mouth before i could catch it. "GO!" loud sound of flesh smacking and light wood cracking against me, and a sting that ran from my ass to my heart, into flushing my face, and was strangely soothing shame that sat heavy like a fog in the caves of my skull. "GO!" crashing smack, and on and on, 16 more times. "Have you been counting?" "Yes." by now i was panting. "How many more then?" "3!" "GO!" i shouted, i could hear my voice becoming primal. two more times He lashed me, and said he would give me my last one only if i begged him. He came over by my face. i could see his trousers and shoes only. "What's it going to be, Danielle. Can you say Please? or are you too uncivilized, too barbaric to say that word." "Please,." i said softly. "That's a girl." He began stroking my hair. then pulling, hard. "A little louder, like you mean it.' "Please?" He began stroking my ass, massaging and running tips of fingers against raw skin, which was making me squirm. It hurt more to be touched like that. I longed for one more hit, the sharp sound and firm thump against my body was so much better than feeling how swollen and bruised i was. "Please? please? what do you want me to do? Call you Master?? Maser, please? Pleeease." "I am Gina's Master." He said abruptly. What I am to you will entirely depend on you, on what you are capable of today... So how you will refer to me will have to wait until we see how well you do your tasks." "What tasks?" "Does that mean you are ready?" Just then He spread my ass and pussy open wide, and began lightly touching me inside. i began to moan softly. "You seem pretty ready." i lifted my ass higher so that He could get a finger in, but instead he smacked me with His hand, and demanded, "Get up." i quickly turned around and stood up. He untied my ankles and looked at me deep in the eyes and said, "If your try anything stupid again, I promise you will not like your punishment nearly as much as the first flogging... Compredes?" i nodded. With that He escorted me to another room on the second level of the house. i could hear insects and animals singing their glory into the day that was becoming dusk. He took one of the many candles form the room he had punished me in, into a room that was considerably darker and colder, but larger. There was a bed on the farside of the room. We walked to where there was a folded up blanket on the floor. "Get down, on your hands and knees." i complied. He walked behind me and took the candle to shed light as He inspected me, feeling how wet i was, which embarrassed me, and touching and poking my ass, which sometimes made me jump. "It looks like you have never been penetrated here, is that true Danielle?" as he fingered the tight bud of my ass. "No." "No, what? "No, never, Sir." "Hmmm. Why is that? You are such a beautiful woman- I am sure your boyfriends have wanted to fuck you... have you told them No?" "Yes" "Why? Why deny your lovers of the pleasure of fucking your beautiful ass? "I don't know... i just..." i couldn't think. it just seemed like a bad idea in the past, but now i wondered why. "Is it because your ass is so precious? Too precious to be enjoyed by someone else? Hmm?" "No," "No? Then why has no one enjoyed you? How old are you Danielle?" "29" "I think it's time, Danielle, that you not be so selfish with that pretty, precious asshole. Or the rest of that body. I am here to train you to not only serve, but to thoroughly satisfy a man. Today will be your first lesson. And since you seem to have such an affinity for fire, we will start here." then i felt His finger slide in. i gasped. i'd never felt anything going actually inside me there. i couldn't believe ho much i wanted more. He made a hook with his finger and began shaking my whole pelvis from my ass, then straightened his finger and began sliding it in and out. it felt strange, and my pussy began to swell and moisten even more. His other hand gently stroked my pussy. i was moaning, even wiggling, until he smacked me, which i know intuitively to mean "BE STILL." i complied. and my ass hole was tightly gripping His index finger. i began to feel like i would do absolutely anything, ANYthing he demanded, suggested, or asked... then He took the candle and slid it into my asshole. i turned to look, and felt humiliated and the sight of myself bent over, like an animal, in total submission to Him. He walked toward my head and slipped a blindfold over my eyes. i heard the zipper of his trousers and then the head of his cock at my lips, he said. "Open, Danielle... You obviously cant use your hands because they are tied. We are going to play a little game... You have until the candle burns close to your flesh to satisfy my orally. If you lack the skills and enthusiasm suck, lick, and excite me to completion by that time the candle moves from warm to hot, you will have to chose between either 1) the pain/pleasure of your pretty little bud getting heated and perhaps burned by the hot wax and candle flame, or 2)submitting to me completely... If you drop the candle, or ask me to remove, it, your asshole will then belong to me for the duration of your stay at my house. Mine to do with whatever, and how ever, I see fit. Understand?" yes. i nodded. "Do you agree to these terms?" yes, still nodding. "Say it, Danielle." he began pulling my head back with my hair. "I agree." i felt hot a rush between my legs, and concentrated on holding the candle, not too tightly as to draw it deeper into me, but not too loose, as to drop it... simultaneously, i had to, without my eyes, but using all my other senses, attune to Him so that i could arouse him fully, and hopefully soon, completely... i began my allowing the shaft to go all the way in, even into my throat, past my tonsils, so that He could see how willing and eager i was. He suddenly began pulling my hair very hard, "Lesson # 1- ALWAYS look at me in the eyes as you service me, Danielle." i looked up into his eyes as he fed me his cock. Then, He began stroking my hair. "That's it, good girl... it's not polite to look away. The only time you wouldn't look a man in the eye as you give him a blow job is if you are blindfolded, or if he instructs you to look elsewhere... Remember, your job is to completely satisfy, right?" i nodded my head, and He smiled, then began pushing His cock actually down my throat. It made my eyes tear a little, but He began making sounds of pleasure, and i wanted so much to continue to please Him... If you would like to tell me what you would do next if you were Him, feel free to write.

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